In partnership with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, we were challenged to conceptualize and design a campaign to raise awareness and funds for the clean water crisis in many countries of Africa. I founded my campaign in the reality of the statistics to appeal both logically and emotionally to the audience to motivate change.
Landing Screens — splashing water animation
An astounding number of people who die from lack of sanitary or accessible water. This number can be turned into a solution, because even those aware of the issue may not realize their pocket change can save someone’s life. The project is put into action through interactive displays - in this context, on a college campus - where users can be informed and donate.
Booths — interactive centers installed around campuses or public centers to raise awareness and allow users to do their part with whatever change is in their pocket. The large screens with animated splashing water and shocking statistic grab attention.
Users can easily understand where and how their money is helping solve an issue, as they watch the number drop as soon as their money is deposited. It offers a resource to get involved and do one’s part, to bring the resource of water to communities in need. Each donation will change the number and a life.
Action — Users can learn more about the clean water issue in multiple countries on the attached iPad. After choosing to donate, they will see an immediate impact of their contribution as the number displayed on the booth screen flips down to one less loss that day.