As a Type 5, the Investigator, or Observer, I have a drive to discover and draw out as much information available, as evidenced by my personal study of the Enneagram. I am eager to share the clarity and confidence I found in understanding my positioning on the circle’s circumference through a printed, bi-fold piece.
The Enneagram is a personality typing system, representing nine distinct strategies for relating to the self, others, and world. It does not seek to limit individuals to a category, but ground them in a tried and true web of understanding, with paths to transformation. The Enneagram provides certain constellations of meaning.
Center Spread — Enneagram diagram
Back Cover — Sample assessment test to help identify your type
Because there is so much information to take in, I sought a simple, practical presentation for the viewer. Content courtesy of enneagraminstitute.com and enneagramworldwide.com