Imprint Projects partnered with Strava, the app connecting millions of runners, to understand why people run, resulting  in the largest report of its kind. 
I designed the white paper—under excellent direction from Imprint Projects colleagues and Strava's in-house creative team—to augment and complement a digital experience. We made use of high impact typography and consistent design language with campaign branding to distill complex information in a straightforward yet engaging white paper format.
Cover Page for the Why We Run report by Strava
Interior pages from the Why We Run white paper, designed by Taylor Roy
Each chart or graph was meticulously reinterpreted to adhere to brand guidelines and emphasize key themes through data.
Strava Infographic Chart

Illustrating the varied motives of the five discovered running types;
see reference below.

original graph

Translated information and tables into digestible graphics.
Strava infographic by Taylor Roy
The Why We Run report was written by Dr. M. Blair Evans.